If you are checking out Spruce Grove Community Church for the first time, you can expect the same thing that many of us now look forward to each & every week.  A place to continually grow in relationship with Jesus.  That is really what we are about!

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As God grows you and our church, make sure you find a team of others who are alive with the presence of God and who feel like a close-knit family.  They should also be people that you are confident will embrace your unbelieving family and friends if you choose to bring them along.



Here at SGCC we love to grow our family! That means that EVERY part is as important as the next! We all possess different gifts and abilities, which means we can find a place for you to help build this family. Want to know more about your specific gifting's?

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Why Worship?

One of the areas that has been impacting Spruce Grove Community Church
has been a deeper call to become corporate in our expression of worship.

By becoming corporate, a critical mass is reached and "Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be done ..." becomes a reality when the sound of the Nations and People Groups become the heart of Intercession through worship!

We believe that part of the manifestation of the Glory is to seek out the songs and the sounds that are resonating in heaven at that moment.

Worship is part of our calling, our DNA and it is the majority of our Sunday service.
Where we may walk as individuals throughout the week and seek the Lord daily,
on Sunday we come together corporately to worship, intercede and "do the stuff" that we cannot accomplish alone.


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We have a wide range of programs for those at SGCC. Children's programs from the smallest to the biggest kids. A thriving youth community for teens. Common Ground Training for Young Adults. And services and home groups for adults as well. Visit the "Programs" heading at the top.


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