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The following are a few of the photos taken by Laverne Kundert from last creators night – November 2016.

The following are some pics of Andrea Rayner’s scarff that she made. In our last Creators night we had her share the meaning behind each of the pics, which is a story of her family and her life. If you have any questions about this, please ask her and you will be inspired by all the meaning behind each part. 

short story submitted by Clayton Rayner

Tim the Astronaut
There was a boy and his name was Tim. Tim was a smart boy and mostly he was very happy in life. So it was that one day as Tim was sitting in class, staring out the window imagining all the fun things only a boy might imagine, he heard his teacher say something very interesting. As it happened the days lesson was on the topic of space exploration. Tim had never before heard of such a fabulous idea; he became infatuated with space and declared to anybody who had the sense to ask, curious adults mostly, that he intended to become an astronaut. Anybody hearing that would smile and be content knowing that young boys still had big ideas. Years passed and Tim’s intentions had not wavered. One day Tim’s father sat the boy down and made clear his desire that the boy follow his old man into the accounting business; space exploration was a waste of time and not nearly as useful as accounting. Tim was no longer a child and could see the practicality of such a plan and he said as much to his father who then clapped the boy on his shoulder and said it was all for the best that they put this foolish idea behind them. The following year Tim graduated and as is customary of adults on this occasion once again he was asked what he wanted to do with his life, “Accounting is my dream.” He would respond, “It just makes sense.”