SGCC Children's Programs

We will strive to care for, love and protect your little one in a welcoming and safe atmosphere, where there is open communication and trust between parents and workers.

Sunday Morning Programs

Tadpoles 0-30 months

The Cry room is open every Sunday at the back of the church and is equipped with a change table, private nursing area, and toys for the mothers of noisy little ones. Parents please make sure you are supervising your kids in the Cry room, as there is no adult supervision.
The Nursery room is open every Sunday (to the side of the Sanctuary) for use at 9:30 am, with childcare starting at 10:45 am. Parents are always welcome in the Nursery!
Every Sunday there will be a trained adult Nursery supervisor and two helpers caring and loving on our littlest people.
The Nursery room is equipped with a crib room and private area to nurse, as well as a change table and washroom.
In the Nursery things will be kept simple, with playing, reading, snack and shows.

THE GUPPIES 2 ½ to 3 ½ year olds

We are super excited to provide a new class for the 2-3 year olds during our Sunday morning services. Our focus will be teaching our children about God in a safe, age-appropriate environment that promotes practical biblical principles like sharing, kindness, and patience. We want to ease them into some teacher-lead instruction, while also giving plenty of opportunities for learning through play. Hands-on centres, cooperative games, bible stories, and crafts; along with worship and prayer will be just some of the ways we will teach the word of God to the children.

Our class will run out of the community room (just down the hall from the nursery). Sign-in will take place at the nursery doors at 10:45 every Sunday (unless otherwise stated). This class is for children who have turned 2 by March 1, 2016 and/or will not be over the age of 4 by March 1,2017.

Be ready for a year full of fun, laughter, and joyful noise!

Goldfish 3 and 4 year olds

The Goldfish class starts up on September 18 and will run every Sunday from 10:45 until the end of the service, excluding holidays. It is for 3 and 4 year Olds  (3 year Olds must turn 4 by February 1, 2017). The class will be held in the Goldfish room, previously known as the 4 and 5 year Olds room.

This year the gold fish will be focusing on Jesus, who he is and how we grow close to him. Each lesson includes a bible story, craft, memory verse, game, prayer and worship. All of these things combined will help the children to focus on and remember each lesson. We hope that this year brings revelation to each child of who Jesus really is!

Dolphins Kindergarten-Grade 1

The dolphin class will be starting up on Sunday, September 18th and will run every Sunday from 10:45 until the end of the service. This class is for children in kindergarten and grade one. Sign in will be at the Goldfish room (previously known as the (4’s and 5’s). Class being held in the common ground room.

The focus for the Dolphin class is to really get into God’s word, learn Who their Creator is, who they are in Christ and how they can live and make choices that blesses and shows love to others. It will be a structured class with a craft, story time, memory verse, and games along with plenty of creative play time so the children can get to know one another and their teachers in a fun environment. For more information about this class please contact Michelle Seitz.

Wednesday Night Programs

Kinder Church

The kinder church class runs from 7-8pm every Wednesday night, excluding holidays. It is for children ages 4 and 5 and will be held in the Goldfish room, previously known as the 4 and 5 year Olds room.  Sign in will be in the fellowship hall with super church.
The point of kinder church is to instill basic bible principles into the children at a young age. The year we are going to be focusing on the fruits of the spirit and the armour of God!
We like to incorporate music and games to make it more fun for the children and to help them remember these key bible principles .


My vision for SuperChurch this year is to teach and train up kids to hear God’s voice, be led by Holy Spirit and to worship wholeheartedly. My dream is to see these kids all in. We will be incorporating dance, flags, instruments and singing, along with reading the Bible and praying together.

Cost:$20/family/semester(this is for SuperChurch and KinderChurch combined)
Day: Wednesday
Time: 7pm-8pm, Sept-May