The Secret of Christianity shows it is not a Religion!

The Secret of Christianity is that it is not a religion. At least it is not in terms of we think of as religion. It is a spiritual system governed by a Supreme Being! If it resembles a religion to us, that is only because imperfect men have tried to express what is inconceivable. For this I apologize. The Secret of Christianity is that it is not defined by the morals associated with it. Rather, it creates them within us! It organically supplies what is routinely demanded by religion.

When you apply the normal rules of religion to Christianity you are doomed to fail. The requirements given by Jesus are completely impossible. If you have been disillusioned or failed while trying to implement them, then ‘welcome to the club’. Like most of us you may have missed the ‘secret’ of Christianity.

Today, rather than writing about these things I am including a 60 second video, in an attempt to express this secret. Please enjoy it before finishing the last paragraph.

A simple Message

The point of this message is simple. Religion expects us as adherents to obey its moral laws as a sign of devotion. Christianity expects you cannot. This does not mean you are not meant to try. Try you must, but realize the Holy Spirit works to undermine your efforts. He does this to erode your self-confidence. Why? Because where your confidence lies so does your strength. He means to change the source of your power by shifting your confidence away from yourself and onto Him. A task our very disposition is dedicated to oppose.

In this world of Christianity neither guilt, will-power or ambition are of any value. As sources of motivation they can achieve nothing. While in any other sphere, these are the central levers of power for creating great success, in Christianity they are a barrier. In religion they are indispensable, but here, confidence in them will be your greatest weakness. This is the Secret of Christianity.

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